The Skinners

Mikki Skinner Family


We're Joe, Mikki, Quinn, Arlo, and Lue. 

Joe loves cheese. All the cheese. He is the master of creating amazing things from nothing. He doesn't need a recipe. He doesn't need a lego pamphlet. Joe is the provider of free form ukulele jam sessions. The master, this guy.

Mikki loves chocolate. All the chocolate. She thrives on 1's and 0's, and can internet the doodie out of the internet. Give her a matcha latte and she'll be your bestest buddy.

Quinn loves books and Sparkle Stories. She's the first to get lost in a land of make believe and last to emerge. Her heart is as big as they come.

Arlo loves to build. Give him anything he can stack, connect, or suspend and he'll happily play *ahem* guide you how he is envisioning his great creation. This guy is our jokester.

Lue loves to smile. Like, all the time smile. Her cheeks, while plump are in the greatest shape.


Together we're hoping to make the most of our time together while maybe helping you get the bug of traveling with your kids. Give us a holler if you have any questions! We're friendly. :)