Roscoe Campgrounds - Roscoe, NY

We love camping. The crispy air, the fireflies, lounging in the hammock, taking a dip in the stream. Speaking of... we always, always secure a site that is right on some sort of waterfront. Because water + kids = heaven for everyone. Combined with close friends of ours, we had a camptastic little trip.

Roscoe Campsite Park is a private campground up in the Catskill Mountains we tried out for the first time this year. They've got tubes to rent, awesome facilities, a nice little general store. Just enough to provide what you need, without things getting too glampy feeling.

While the booking process was a bit challenging (they don't do online reservations, which meant a long chain of phone tag), we'd happily go back again!

And whoa. We made our foil dinners in PIE PLATES this year. So obvious, but it's a game changer. Highly recommended.

Stayed: Roscoe Campsite Park

Food: Hobo Dinners in a PIE PLATE, Other Foil Meal Ideas