Jellystone Park - Gardiner NY

July 4th week!!

Booked ourselves a stay at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park. Originally we thought maybe to buy day passes for ourselves. But by the time you add everything up ($25 for ages 2+, plus $5 parking fee) we decided staying at a cabin was worth it. This was an all out glamping experience. Our cabin was way nicer than many a hotels we've graced.

Waterpark was awesome. Kids loved it. There are also two swimming pools, one for everyone at the park and the other for those staying overnight. While the water area is where we spent 99.9% of our time, there's gobs and gobs of other things to do at Jellystone. Mini golf, treasure mining, big blob thing to jump on, laser tag, crafting... the list goes on.

Cornwall, NY you are so so quaint. Your pond side festivities and afternoon parade are straight out of a Norman Rockwell dream. We love it and we love you.

Ever wish to experience fireworks up close and personal? As if you are in an IMAX theater of fireworks? West Point is your place to go. Our daughter Quinn kept asking why people didn't want to back up. ;) The West Point Band's concert is great, the ambience is quintessential. If you're looking for something for your family to do each year for Independence Day, I highly recommend West Point's annual event to be one of them. Pack a picnic, claim a seat (EARLY!), and just have a good ol' time with 'Merica by your side.